The Sight of Beyond

“Promise me you will not tell anybody about this.”

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Written last 2020.

There has to be a mistake.

A week ago, Cecilia has never seen color before. The only two things that she can recognize when it comes to color are pale and deep. The words red, black, and other colors never meant anything special. Wearing a grey shirt and a pair of black jeans, she walked fast going straight to the doctor. She didn’t bother to make an appointment with him. What mattered only was going to talk to him about the odd thing she was experiencing.

The Week Before.

Cecilia opens the door to the doctor. She sees a picture frame on the wooden table. The frame is filled with four faces, happiness stretched and evident upon their smiles. The doctor, his wife, and two little children at the beach. Around the room, there are paintings scattered. Some are filled with faces, while some are made up of random lines and shapes, always leaving the person to look and interpret it at its discretion.

“Cecilia.” Doctor Raymond stood up from his seat. As usual, he is wearing his white coat, the standard coat of a doctor. Above his blond curled hair, she also noticed something that wasn’t supposed to be there.

“Doctor, I think there’s something wrong with these glasses.” She removes the eyeglasses she wore a week ago and gave them to the doctor.

A week ago, “color” was a word she knew and acknowledged. She never expected that she will be able to experience and see it.

It was a rare opportunity, having several cures and alternatives, but money was always a problem in seeing color. That was until her last appointment with the doctor.

“There has been a recent invention, a pair of eyeglasses that will make your eyes see and process the different colors. It is quite expensive.” Cecilia catches her breath. Before she could even mention the fact that she doesn’t have enough money, as always, the doctor interrupts her thoughts. “Luckily, the inventors decided to donate some of their eyeglasses to the doctors. It is up to us on who will we give it to.” A shimmer of hope fluttered in her heart as the doctor put a small box on top of the table. “Here are your eyeglasses.”

A gasp escaped from Cecilia’s lips. A smile emerged from Doctor Raymond’s face. She takes the box, or case rather, from the table. With shaking hands, Cecilia opens the case with care. Inside it, there seems to be nothing different. Pale mirror with glasses. She closed her eyes and wore them.

The moment she opened her eyes, that was the first time Cecilia saw color.

It felt overwhelming at first, as she stifles a sob and noticed the vibrant colors surrounding her. He told her to have another appointment with him a month after, to see if there were any side effects they had to reconsider.

“Doctor, I think there’s something wrong with my glasses.” She removes the eyeglasses she wore a week ago and gave them to the doctor.

“Can you tell me what seems to be the problem?” The doctor takes the glasses and holds them from afar, looking and observing, as if the problem can be seen at a distance.

Cecilia stuttered before she spoke, “Well, I didn’t notice it at first, but when I wore the glasses, I saw color on everything. But, there was also something unusual.”

She stopped and hesitated, but the doctor gave her a worried glance that urged her to continue. “I saw a pale color above people’s heads. Some are red, some are blue.”

The doctor held the glasses silently as he looked at Cecilia. He stood up and locked the door to his office.

“Cecilia.” He sternly spoke to his patient. It was not in the tone that Cecilia was expecting. She had heard the doctor seriously speaking to her, but it was always associated with kindness or sympathy. This time, the urgency was heard in his voice, as if what Cecilia has revealed to him is very crucial.

“Cecilia, what you have is called the Sight of Beyond.”

Cecilia scratched her head as she looked at him oddly.

“The Sight of Beyond is the ability of very few people to see things that regular or normal people cannot see. What you are seeing above their heads is called ‘hue.’ This means you can tell their emotions, their state, and their season of life. Cecilia, you have to promise me you will not tell anybody about this.”

Cecilia was left speechless and was only found nodding her head to the doctor’s words.

“But doctor, how do you know all of these things?” She asked.

The doctor gave her the glasses back as he answered her question, “Because I also have the Sight of Beyond.”



Teacher || Writer || Traveller || Athlete || Immortalizing moments through writing

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Fayth Ong

Teacher || Writer || Traveller || Athlete || Immortalizing moments through writing