To The Road that Was Taken,

Thank you.

Fayth Ong
3 min readJan 11, 2023
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Thank you for saying yes.

Thank you for existing.

Thank you for the glimpses of luck. Thank you to the ones who trod before me, pointing out the signs and roadmaps so I won’t get lost along the way. From the friends who stayed and to the people who left, I will forever be grateful that fate had led our paths to cross, even if it’s only for a few paragraphs in our intertwined story. Thank you to the people who lingered, even for the shortest while — and wandered off to another trail. Fate was kind enough our paths to cross, but never to merge.

Thank you for the waves of laughter and the core memories formed— in the weekend drinks and the sobered late-night conversations. We were destined to only be a chapter, a page in our stories. Maybe destiny will let us cross paths once again. Or maybe the stars will trample over and never let us meet again. But whether our paths collide in the future or not, I’m thankful for the moments it did.

To the homes I had to leave when I once thought I could never say goodbye, thank you for supporting me. Thank you for standing by me, even at a distance. Thank you for making me realize I was not meant to stay, even when I called you a safe haven. And thank you for setting me free so liberally, even when I was too scared to fly on my own.

Thank you for the road I had to pave for myself. Thank you to the moon who stayed by my side, even while I was fighting the demons conquering my powerless thoughts. To the sun who waited for me even when I was fast asleep, thank you. For being ever so constant, assuring me you will not disappear into the darkness ever so suddenly. To the stars who stayed up, thank you for the caffeinated hours with the late-night projects. Thank you for the adrenaline-high yet caffeine-free nights where all I did was danced and partied all night long.

Thank you for the road I discovered by chance. Be it fate, or destiny, or whether the stars have aligned. Thank you for the unexpected emails that gave me hope for bigger dreams. Thank you for the disappointed phone calls that kept me rooted on the ground. Thank you for the unexpected friends who pushed me beyond my comfort zone. Thank you for the family who boosted me in a way my motivation couldn’t do it alone.

Thank you for becoming a teacher. Thank you for letting me study at a place I can continually call my home. Thank you for letting me lose the weight I never thought to lose. Thank you for granting my wish to be a writer. Thank you for letting me hike, letting me discover the deep waters. Thank you for letting me venture what I’ve only experienced in my dreams.

To the road that was taken, thank you for making my dreams come true. Thank you for making me realize I have bigger dreams. And thank you for existing and continually existing.

Thank you for the road that was taken. I have no regrets. I’ll be okay.



Fayth Ong

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