VI: The Monster in the Mirror

The sixth and final chapter on the Miniseries: The Monsters Under Your Bed

Fayth Ong
4 min readDec 11, 2023
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written last 2019

78. “No, no, no!” You whisper under your breath, “It’s supposed to be over. It’s just a dream!” Your voice rises along with the panic. Rummage the bedroom, search for any sign you missed.

79. “Oh honey, you forgot one rule.” The sound stops your action. Step back and face the mirror again. Study the creature in front of you. The reflection sneers as your eyes widen and your hand grips the letter in fear, “Everything is not what it seems.”

80. Glance at the bag. It’s not here. Your weapons are gone. The reflection laughs and mocks you.

81. Stare at her. Her eyes are wide, and her hair all over the place. “You forgot your precious pendant.”

82. Your body stands still at the truth she dropped. The Iesus. Where is it? Where is the necklace?

83. Your hand goes to your chest. No, not there. Check under the bed. Maybe it fell while you were asleep? No, not there either.

84. Breathing deep, you continue to act frantic as you head to the exit.

85. Rush to the door as your reflection continues to mock you. “How are you going to get out?” Her voice drips with sarcasm as you try to turn the knob. Nothing. You can’t escape.

86. With resignation, shrug your shoulders, sit back and stare at your vanity mirror. The monster looks at you, folding her arms and victory smug in her appearance. “No weapons. No bag. No pendant. Looks like you lost.”

87. Breathe in and out. Remember the letters.
“You have been chosen to battle the monsters under your bed. At the end of this adventure, you will have defeated the creatures under your bed, and you will awaken in one piece in the actual world.”

88. “You-“ You gasp as the realization hits you. “You’re not under the bed.”

89. Her smile falters as you discover the flaw of the monster. “But I’m still a monster, am I not?”

90. Fear fading and giving way to curiosity, touch the mirror. Try to connect what lies behind. “Yes,” you agree.

91. She flinches. Notice her hand. Scars and scratches cover her arms. Furrow your brows as you continue to study her.

92. Did you see it? The necklace. She has the pendant.

93. Watch your own reflection. You wear the same clothes; you have the same hairstyle. The only thing different is the unruly expression she has. That and the Iesus. A necklace that should be yours.

94. Touch your chest. You’re not wearing any necklace.

95. She follows your movement. The moment you make eye contact, it clicks.

96. Stare at your reflection. You touch the area where her, no, your pendant is.

97. Grab it. As she watches your actions, she gradually steps out of the mirror. You come face to face with yourself.

98. When she comes out, her hair is disheveled, her clothes stained, her arms filled with blood. You look at yourself as if meaning to scold her, but remember. “Everything is not what it seems.”

99. Observe your reflection. Stare at her. Talk to her and tell her what’s on your mind.

100. “I’m my own monster, aren’t I?” She nods to confirm what you said.

101. “And I have to love myself to let this beast disappear?” Another nod.

102. Breathe deep. You see her eyes reflecting your own.

103. Say these words, “I am loved. I have my imperfections. I am not perfect. But I am me.”

104. Your reflection changes her image. She’s changing, but you are no longer afraid.

105. “I’m sorry for trying to love myself by how people perceive me. They cannot define me. They do not own my worth. I am loved. I am worthy.” You continue to speak as your reflection transforms. She now looks clean, her eyes no longer bloodshot, her clothes well-ironed, and her hands free of blood.

106. She holds your shoulder as if to affirm what you said about yourself.

107. But then, she speaks. “You can love yourself. You are allowed to grieve for the people you lost. You are allowed to mourn for the future that could have been.”

108. She unfastens the pendant and hands it to you. “You defeated all of your monsters. The ones in your bed, and the ones you face in the mirror.” She helps you as you lie on your bed, and she brings her hand on your eyes as if telling you to close them.

109. “You’ll wake up in the actual world. There will still be monsters there. But now, you know you can defeat them. You’re a conqueror, dear. Get some sleep.”

​110. You believe her. And you do.



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