What if We Stopped Dancing?

How can I love you when our words hold us back?

Photo by Travis Grossen on Unsplash

You reach out your hand as the music softens. I look up and see your eyes sparkle. But then I remember, your eyes always seemed to sparkle whenever I see you.

I accept the silent invitation and hold your hand. You helped me stand up, and together we go to the dance floor.

As gently as your hands can, they hold on to my waist. You were careful but firm. Your eyes softened as we looked at each other.

Small talks, inside jokes, and late-night conversations have molded our friendship. But is friendship all there is?

We dance with our hearts yet keep our thoughts to ourselves. Tell me, how can I love you when our words hold us back?

I have guarded my heart for too long. But there is the uncertain thought if I showed it to you, you will mock its vulnerability. I worry when I bare my soul to you, you will leave me broken. I fear if I fall for you, you won’t be able to catch me. Or maybe, you won’t even bother to save me.

You always tell me “don’t assume unless otherwise stated.” And it has always been the man to make the first move. But, how can I not assume when your eyes beg me to look into your soul? How can I not hope when each word you say speaks life into my heart?

Maybe, I could be wrong. Maybe, you were the guy who always wore his heart on his sleeve. Maybe, you were the type of person who always puts others first before their own. Maybe, you were the boy who everyone thinks is charming, a real gentleman. After all, you’ve charmed me into falling for you.

But what if, we stopped dancing? What if we turned off the music, and let our thoughts be heard, breaking the silence? What if, for once, we speak what our hearts have been screaming for so long now?

What if, we stopped pretending, for one night, and let us love each other?

What if we fell for each other?



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Fayth Ong

Fayth Ong

A Filipino writer speaking against the injustices of what is happening in the Philippines.